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420 Café (De Kuil)

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420 Café, also known by the locals as De Kuil (pronounced ‘cowl’) remains a popular coffeeshop with the locals and keeps the traditional café-bar interior that was present when 420 used to serve alcohol as well as cannabis, with old beams on the ceilings and a long bar that runs the length of the left wall.

420 provides a microscope for you to inspect your marijuana and two volcano vaporisers at the end of the bar. And of course, more importantly, the dealers counter can be found at the end of the bar hosting an array of quality hash and grass at various and well suited prices. A feature that’s also greatly loved by the smokers – you’re permitted to bring in your own food!  And there’s a handful of take-aways surrounding De Kuil.

Address: Oudebrugsteeg 27, 1012 JN, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 623 4848