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Barney’s Farm

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Once known as Barney’s Brasserie, Barney’s Farm is the perfect coffeeshop offering strong, high quality strains of marijuana, served to you by a funny and cheery bunch of knowledgeable staff.

Just like all the other Barney’s shops, Barney’s Farm is consistent of a modern décor, and provides a wide range of snacks, cold and hot drinks along side the extensive weed and hash menu. The Farm can be truly appreciated in all weathers as you can opt to sit inside on the comfortable booths or take yourself outside on to the corner patio and enjoy the colourful Amsterdam scenery.

There’s a small selection of merchandise you can purchase to take home a bit of Amsterdam with you, but you’ll certainly remember Barney’s Farm either way… So make it a stop on your Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour.

Address: Haarlemmerstraat 98, 1013 EW, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-419-5507