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DampKring Coffeeshop

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The compact coffeshop, Dampkring, sits close to infamous Amsterdam Flower Market. The coffeshop is a hit with the locals and has a friendly vibe from the second you enter the shop. The food, drinks and premium quality weed are all on offer for a low price. Be sure to ask for any special hash they may have as it’s not all featured on the main menu!

If you’re not the most wise when it comes to smoking, DampKring is a good place to start, the helpful staff will be more than willing to explain the menu to you and well, anything else cannabis related that you may want to know. So pop by and say hi!

(The Strawberry Milkshake and Hot Belgian Chocolate are highly recommended)

Address: Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM, Amsterdam
020 638 0705