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Although opened for many years, in 2009 Funky Munkey was placed in the hands of a new owner, Moe, and the atmosphere was lifted almost immediately. The vibe of the coffeeshop is that of an old-school yet funky one and therefore attracts both tourists and local customers.

You can perch on one of the smaller tables in side, or if you’re lucky grab one of the larger, much comfier chill-out couches. However, both of them still offer the same amazing views of the canal and any boats that are passing by.

If you’re feeling ever so slightly more active than just wanted to rest on a couch, there’s a wooden crafted chess table and a pool table that you can give a go, or come and read more on Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tours by using the internet access they provide.

The pre-rolled joints are some of the best around, but if you want to stick with the old school feel that Funky Munkey gives off, there’s some old school strains on offer such as the White Widow, Orange Bud, Jack Herer, Cheese, Citral, Thai and AK-47. All at a reasonable price and all will deliver the desired high feeling.

We’d say Funky Munkey is a very special place with a unique atmosphere!

Address: Marnixstraat 33, 1016 TC, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-421-7033