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The front of Grey Area is nice and simplistic, with a modern feel, and some may say this is what they would expect an American coffeeshop to be like if the laws were to allow it. It has even featured on Insomniac on Comedy Central – making it a well known coffeeshop amongst the Americans.

The saying ‘size doesn’t matter’ is relevant as far as Grey Area is concerned. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in superb quality and value for money, who wouldn’t love that?

A big turn-on for Grey Area is the adaptability of the goods to meet the requirements of each individual customer. Where the majority of coffeeshops will sell you weed or hash by the gram, Grey Area will sell you weed or hash in basically any amount you want. Grey Area will sell you €5 worth if you want it, or half a gram, whatever you feel like or have the budget for, which is why Grey Area is a massive hit with tourists as well as the locals.

And again, the quality and variety of the strains available here blow a lot of coffeeshops out of the water, and its 20 plus Cannabis Cup wins are a perfect reflection of this.

Be careful, Grey Area shuts earlier than a lot of coffeeshops au 8p.m. so make sure you head there earlier on in your day. You WONT regret it!

Address:  Oude Leliestraat 2, 1015 AW, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-420-4301