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The first legal coffeeshop in Amsterdam, Rusland, projects a Russian vibe throughout, starting with the name which is actually Dutch for Russian. Rusland opened its doors on 30th April 1975, and has license number 001, that’s something to brag about! But still, it has remained a hit with locals and tourists alike.

Painted Russian red, the exterior of the shop is certainly an eye-catching one. With having St Basil’s Cathedral, the most notable piece of Russian architecture etched on the windows, it is instantly clear to see that the Rusland coffeeshop pays homage to and has links to Russia.

The multi-room, multi-level coffeeshop exhibits the finest glass collection from a number of blowers, presented in a case that’s 5 metres long. As well as beautiful glass, there’s also a collection of food, drinks, smoke and smoking implements available to use within Rusland.

Rusland generously offer some of the best buds and resins at competitive prices, certainly the lowest prices you will find in the Centrum. Making a decision will be easy though, thanks to the handful of friendly and helpful staff behind the counters, ready to answer all your questions and queries and assist you at every opportunity.

As one of the oldest and still most frequent entrants of the Cannabis Cup, we’d say Rusland is worthy of your time.

Address: Rusland 16, 1012 CL, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-627-9468