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The ownership of Stone’s Café is an English and Dutch partnership who have been running a number of coffeeshops in the heart of Amsterdam for well over a quarter of a century. They say practice makes perfect, and I guess that’s why they’re so good at what they do. The part English ownership and the location of the coffeeshops makes Stone’s a hit with the tourists.

The low profile owners of both Stone’s Cafés make pleasing the customers their absolute priority and the standards never fall. Although only small, Stone’s Café is always a huge contender in Cannabis Cup and the likes, and is without a doubt on of the most popular coffeeshops you can find in Warmoesstraat.

The wide selection of the best kushes, cheeses, and DNA Genetic Strains on offer is impressive, so you can smoke away on Stone’s comfy chairs. Even without reading Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour we’re positive you would have found yourself drawn in to Stone’s Café anyway.

Make sure you plan Stone’s Cafe in to your Amsterdam itinerary.

Address: Warmoesstraat 59, 1012 HW, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-624-5588