Techniques for Amsterdam Coffeeshop Manners: Don’t Piss Off the Dealer

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Techniques for Amsterdam Coffeeshop Manners: Don’t Piss Off the Dealer

It used to be that Amsterdam was Weed Mecca and anyone everywhere else had to scrape along on whatever schwag they could find, actually risking life and also liberty within their search for happiness.

Currently, however, we have arrived at the point when folks born the year Proposition 215 passed and also California started rolling the weed legalization snowball are old enough simply to walk directly into an Amsterdam coffeeshop and buy pot — and then criticize it for not being as effective as the marijuana they could obtain at home.

Although in some instances this will be true, it’s a sure approach to annoy the individual promoting it, and these folks are still a lot nearer to being traditional drug sellers than the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed cannabis techs that staff medicinal dispensaries throughout Twenty two American states.

As a result of bizarrely paradoxical Dutch ‘tolerance policy’, coffeeshops are usually constrained with their range of pot to what they are presented by individuals who have had to illegitimately cultivate, harvest, store, transport, and finally sell, their item. Once bought by a coffeeshop, that weed ‘magically’ becomes legal — nevertheless it can also magically change it’s name, sativa/indica ratio, THC percentage, how it was cultivated and even prizewinning status by the time it ends up on the menu.

Coffeeshop proprietors only have the information provided to them by the (unlawful) cultivators, that is generally restricted to the amount they need for it per gram; any additional details are the province of the buyer, and since there aren’t any quality controls of any kind in place, there is nothing to stop dishonest coffeeshop owners declaring their pot is what ever is currently well-liked.

For customers, the end result of this process is that you really, really want the dealer on your side. This is the person who can make or break your holiday high; if the titles on the menus mean little or nothing, the person who is dealing with the marijuana themselves will likely be your best resource on which looks great at the moment. Therefore, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep Amsterdam coffeeshop staff happy, and thereby guaranteeing yourself a better time.

DON’T — inquire if you are able to light up the indoor marijuana outdoors. Amsterdam coffeeshop menus usually divide their wares according to the method by which these were grown, resulting in lists entitled ‘Indoor’ as well as ‘Outdoor’. Don’t even ask this in a misguided endeavor to be funny, as experienced sellers are fed up of having to clarify that the Indoor/Outdoor Bud Police only exist in your mind, dude.

DO – tip the seller. Particularly if the duties are split between a dealer for marijuana and also a barrista for drinks, as often their wages are identical however the dealers will not receive a share of the bar tips. Even more specifically if you plan on returning to the same coffeeshop frequently during your visit, since you will hopefully be appreciated as one of the rare people who tipped the seller.

DON’T – ask to see everything on the menu if there are already individuals waiting around behind you. When the dealer isn’t in a hurry, they may be pleased to show you all the sativas, for instance, but attempt to narrow your alternatives down a bit before asking them to start opening tubs. If you wish to test the patience of mankind, go into Starbucks and ask to smell every single type of coffee; if your staff don’t hint that this may be annoying, the other people waiting to order probably will.

DO – order in the bar and pay for your beverages instantly. Sitting down before you’ve purchased is a large no-no, specifically as numerous coffeeshop staff will want to see ID from anybody who appears to be under 25 every time they get through the door. Table services are virtually non-existent in Amsterdam coffeeshops, as is running a tab; the combined short-term memory problems with both customers and staff make it too easy for customers to (inadvertently) leave without paying.