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The Noon

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Sitting on a quiet canal almost perfectly in the middle of Leidsplein and the Rijksmuseum is The Noon coffeeshop.

The Noon is famous for its heavenly Blueberry Haze which is a favourite of many passing through, and in fact what many people pay a visit for in the first place. But that is understandable as it has previously won back-to-back Cups in the Cannabis Cup.

There’s not a menu as vast as a lot of other coffeeshops, but its quality over quantity, and what they offer is of a very high standard, all at reasonable prices. There are however, enough flavours for any one person to want.

The comfortable seats finished with plenty of plush pillows make you feel at home in The Noon, and it is very much an old school kind of coffeeshop which is becoming slightly rare in Amsterdam. The shop is complete with murals featured on the walls and all the goods that both smokers and non-smokers would need to enjoy a little rest in The Noon.

With it’s location, it’s highly likely you’ll be passing by or at least close to The Noon, so head on in and chill.

Address: Zieseniskade 22, 1017 RT, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-422-3669