Traditional Dutch snacks to taste while in Amsterdam

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Traditional Dutch snacks to taste while in Amsterdam

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So you’ve finally arrived in Amsterdam, checked into the hostel and all set to depart on an adventure.

But there’s just one issue. You are extremely hungry! Rather than proceeding for the nearest McDonald’s why don’t you try some local meals?

Listed here are 10 dishes to taste while you’re on your adventure.


Deep-fried crispy meatballs. What’s there not to like? These golden nuggets of deliciousness as the core Dutch pub snacks and can be located on the food menus of the majority of pubs within the city. They’re often presented with a mustard as a side dish for dunking.


Yummy Bitterballen


You’ve perhaps viewed something such as this inside coffee shops in Amsterdam, yet they will by no means be as wonderful as when it’s made directly in front of you at a street market. This is two fine waffles stuck together with a surface of sweet syrup; such special treats would be best enjoyed hot and gooey.

Raw Herring

Right, this may not be everyone’s cup of joe and even the term ‘raw’ is enough to turn most persons off – but give it a chance. Herring carts (aka haringhandels) can be spotted all over the city. When you ask for a ‘broodje haring’ you’ll obtain the fish dished up in a small sandwich together with pickles and onions. The right time to try raw herring is in between May and July when the herring has been said to be at its sweetest.

Wide Dutch French Fries

Once more, this one might not be everyone’s bag, but as it is said “When in ‘Amsterdam’…”. You’re more likely to see this street food called ‘patat’ or ‘frites’ on a menus and they ordinarily come served inside a steaming hot paper cone covered with any types of yummy toppings. Request ‘patatje oorlog’ for a dollop of peanut satay sauce, mayo and even onions, or a ‘patat speciaal’ for a mixture of curry ketchup, mayonnaise along with onions.


If you’re not at all feeling quite daring enough to attempt raw herring, then you can certainly still get your fishy fix from kibbeling – battered and fried morsels of white fish; most commonly cod. They’re every bit as delectable as they look, and sometimes dished up with a mayonaisey herb sauce and lemon.


The novelty Febo vending machines

Food from a vending machine

We certainly don’t mean chocolate or crisps here. You can really get hot food items from vending machines speckled all through Amsterdam. We’re not talking about Michelin standard dining here, however, these hole-in-the-wall cafés get into this list of Dutch must-tries on novelty benefit by itself. You’ll discover a range of hot treats such as burgers, kroketten (potato croquettes) and frinkandellen (hot dogs) showcased lurking behind glass doors. Put one or two coins into the slot machine et voila; an instant dinner is dished up.


The name literally means ‘oil balls’ – though don’t allow that to put you off. In a nutshell they’re deep-fried sweet dumplings (occasionally containing fruit items) and even dusted in powdered sugars, and they’re that succulent they only turn out close to New Year’s Eve, prior to when the January diet commences – so if you’re away off for a break within the new year be on the lookout!


Said ‘PO-fer-jus’, these types of small fluffy clouds of batter are usually offered in restaurants and pancake houses throughout the city. But nothing compares to a bag of hot, buttery poffertjes from the street market vendor. Dust these with powder sugar and appreciate.


This ginger cake is available in loaves, and is also stodgy enough to be sure that just one slice is always adequate. The title literally translates to ‘breakfast cake’; even though you can tuck in at any time throughout the day. Distribute some thick butter onto it for more yumminess.


If this was a Scottish meal, your gran would say “this will certainly put hairs on yer chest!” It’s not too dissimilar to stovies and means literally as ‘mash pot’. This classic plate entails potatoes mashed along with other vegetables – classic stamppot includes various mixtures of sauerkraut, carrot, onion or perhaps kale – and it is in most cases served up with a big succulent sausage.


The stodgy and every bit delicious Stamppot